BIOCHEMISTRY ( Fully Auto Analyzers )

Exhaustively Automated Biochemistry Analyzers measure the absorption of certain proteins, enzymes, electrolytes, metabolites, or yea cures in the delivered samples of urine, blood, serum, LCD, or other body fluids. The machine consists of a bowl where the samples are loaded to be tested. The tests are programmed either by the bar- canon scanner or homemade entry. Once the bowl is loaded with a sample, a medical dispenser collects a certain measure of sample and sends it over to the answer bowl. After this process, a certain measure of water rinses the dispenser and either the reagents stored inside the machine are released into the answer vessel. The new admixture attained is carried out in either of the two areas calorimeter or deluge cell.However, the absorbance can be measured there while it remains in the answer vessel, If the admixture goes to the calorimeter. In the case of deluge- cell, the admixture is consigned to deluge through the calorimeter to measure the absorbance. This way the analyzer can calculate the applicable absorption.