4D Ultra Sound Color Doppler

Ultrasound is also used to Guard procedures resemblant as needle postmortems, in which needles are used to wring sample cells from an abnormal area for laboratory testing. Image the insides and to guide postmortem of inside cancer. Diagnose a variety of heart conditions and to assess damage after a heart attack or diagnose for valvular heart infirmity (2D Echo). Doppler ultrasound images can help the croaker to see and evaluate blockages to blood flow ( resemblant as clots). Narrowing of vessels. Excrescences and born vascular disfigurement. With knowledge about the speed and volume of blood torrent gained from a Doppler ultrasound image, the croaker can hourly determine whether a case is a good aspirant for a procedure like angioplasty.


Elastography is a non-invasive medical imaging form that helps determine the stiffness of organs and other structures in your body. It's most ordinarily used to assess your liver. Elastography directs easy low commonness aroma into the liver. Ultrasound (US) or attractive resonance imaging (MRI) measures how fast these temper move through the organ. A computer uses this information to yield a visual chart showing the stiffness (or stiffness) of the liver.


Ultrasound emulsion is an cropping strategy in the field of abdominal imaging with restating possibilities to neuroradiology. This strategy involves the co-registered display of live ultrasound with a reference series from another modality, matching as CT, MRI or PET .