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About Us

S.R Diagnostics offers a wide range of Tests, lab investigations, diagnostic services across various domains that include CT Scan, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Health Packages, and Studies, etc., our commitment is quality and uncompromising. We proudly claim that all its services are made available at a reasonable cost and are therefore affordable to the common man without compromising on the quality of services that is focused on ensuring reliable and accurate results.

Why SR Diagnostics

Quick,Reliable & Accurate

Our Diagnosis provides you with quick, reliable, and accurate results.

Extraordinary lab

An extremely automated diagnostic lab furnished with the latest infrastructure and instrumentation from the top-rated global brands.

Exceptional team

Our self-motivated and dedicated team has a significant role to play in our success and growth in delivering outstanding services to our patients.

Responsibility towards your trust

Our dedication and passion for rendering extraordinary services to the patients will meet the trust of our patients.

Dr. Talla Ravi ( MD,RD,MBBS,FCGP )